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Thread: new to this....Need to know if I got this right

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    new to this....Need to know if I got this right

    Hello all,

    First post here. Need to know if this is all correct.

    I have a lilliput 7.1 inch touchscreen.

    I am ordering the following:

    I am going to be running LinuxICE....due to the cost (free) and the quick start up time....

    Will the GPS work with linux...
    will the OBDII work with linux...

    I am putting this all in a 08 Lancer if that helps at all....

    any info/ideas would be greatly appreciated....

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    Hello and welcome! The GPS receiver should work in linux, the OBDII scanner, i'm not sure if there are any programs that will work in linux, you could find more info in the linux section.

    Also, I don't think there is a decent option for GPS on linux, at least last time I checked. It seemed like you couldn't do routing, just maps with your current location...
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