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Thread: Newbie in need of a carpc. Any advice where to start?

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    Newbie in need of a carpc. Any advice where to start?

    First of all hi,

    I need a carpc for my minibus, has to be small, not very expensive as its an old minibus,
    also is their a system that doesn't turn the PC off every time i start the minibus?

    If possible i would like to have a sun visor monitor but i don't want loads of cables dangling from it. (i.e video,signal etc)

    I was thinking of getting a netbook since all i need the carpc is for internet, audio, and to see some films. Are they any good? Also can they be operated even if they are closed in the glove compartment?

    Damien Falzon

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    Well Damien, it sounds like you need to do some research. All of the questions you are asking have been covered many times over.

    -There are all shapes and sizes of car PCs, some are very small.
    -It is possible to setup your carpc so that it doesn't startup every time
    -There are flip-down monitors
    -Netbooks are just small laptops, you'll need to do more research to see if they will work for you

    It sounds like you have a long way to go, search, search, search
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    Hi Ramb0_Command0

    I'm new here and from Singapore and just joined this interesting forum. Iím very keen to embark on carpc and desperately need guidance and step by step tutorial for carpc and os installation.



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    this is the best place to start:

    though, i do not know of any step-by-step guides to building a carpc, because this is based on a hobby that everyone has different requirements.

    oh, and sleepyjob-- you might want to consider changing your picture-- a moderator (tidder) is using the same one, so it could result in you getting a lot of pm's about forum issues, or questions about carpc installations...

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    Chris from mo-co-so on ebay has some very good systems for great deals... just go to ebay and search carputer. they start at like $269.99 and then you can add what you want such as hard drives, cd drives, sound cards, and so on. Check them out.

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    Hi Bro soundman98

    Thanks for the prompt reply and guidance. Greatly appreciated.

    As advised, I've removed my avatar............ cheers

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    as a newbie myself, i will make one comment. Don't limit yourself to a limited, out of date carputer b/c your car is older. A carputer just like a sub and amp can be transferred to a new a vehicle with relative ease. So go for something decent, or you'll be disappointed.
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