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Thread: After a long absense....

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    After a long absense....

    I have been away from car anything for a long time, but god has blessed me again to be able to follow this hobby. I am helping my brother build a pretty basic set up for his 96 Cobra. The car is basiclly a garage queen that only see's the road on weekends in the summer. I mean its a 96 with less than 30K miles. Its had an ATI procharger (supercharger) added and an IRS from a 2003 cobra. Anyway he is looking to do, music, dvd playback, nav, hd radio and sat radio. He isnt too keen on the obdII thing but I think it would be great for him to be able to monitor the vitals on the car considering the power it makes.

    OK so my quest begins today. I am looking to research what I am going to need to make this work. When I did my EVO back in 05-06 I bought a set up that was already made and it was much easier. This time I am looking at doing this from scratch. I will be doing a ton of reading and research but I will also have some question. No worries I will look high and low before I ask something. I am not a computer wizard but I'm also not a noob. I have worked in car stereo for many years and was a electronics student in trade school. blah blah blah....anyway, I look forward to contributing anything I can and look forward to your inputs.


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    welcome back!

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