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Thread: Possible to hook up a carpc to a nav unit?

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    Possible to hook up a carpc to a nav unit?

    it would be possible to hook up a carpc to an existing Kenwood nav unit(DNX5120) and use the touch screen to control the carpc?

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    Yes it is possible to connect a carpc to a nav unit, but not to use the touch screen, or have readable text.

    Use of the touch screen requires that you reverse-engineer the kenwood touch controller to tap into it,but then you sill have a problem with it possibly sending a command to both thenav unit and the carpc...

    Unless your navunit has a VGA input, you will need to use a composite input and a vga-to-composite adater to get it to work, and even then you will lose clarity of the image due to the adapters..

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    Search on terms "OEM screen" or "nav unit" or check the FAQs.
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