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Thread: New 07 Cobalt Build

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    New 07 Cobalt Build

    Hello all,

    I've been looking through this site for a while now and wanted to jump in and ask the community for their expertise. I, of course, want to put a computer in my 07 Chevy Cobalt, and I am not entirely sure where to start. The functions I am looking to integrate are as follows:

    Automatically retracting Touchscreen(~10 inches) - I want it to fold into the double din slot on the car if possible
    Backup camera
    Mp3 and video playback
    DVD/CD player
    Engine diagnostics
    Bluetooth phone connection(iPhone)
    Wifi from my driveway

    I built a small computer in an old NES case a few months ago, and it just collects dust, but the parts would be perfect for a car PC. I would like a linux OS with an easy to use front end.

    I work nearly all the time and haven't really found any screens that I like so far, and I kind of feel like this is where I should start. Any help would be much appreciated and I plan to document and share the entire project as I go.

    So far I have gathered from the forums that I will at least need a new power supply and will have to do some extra work to keep the car's beeping and turn noises, which I would like to keep if possible.

    It is great to be part of the community and I look forward to any help you can give. Sorry for the long post.

    Thanks again,

    Edit #1

    Did I not ask a good enough question or did I just fall through the cracks? Just in case it is the former,

    Could anyone on these forums recommend a good screen that wouldn't make me disappointed after my purchase. Daytime readability isn't really a must since I work at night and therefore am in my car mostly at night? All the photos of screens I have seen on the internet make them all look pretty bad!

    Also, what is a good power supply? I have been searching, but would appreciate the opinions of someone who has done this before.

    Edit #2

    I guess I am going it alone then, eh. Thanks for everything, I'm off to wade through the forums some more.

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    hey i have a cobalt as well
    i dont think a 10 inch screen is gonna fit in double having my own problem with not having enough room for mouting an would cover the more than likely you probably wont be able to get a 10inch screen to retract in...might have to just leave it out

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    ^ what he said- 'din' measurement is 2" tall, by 7" wide, so a 10" screen wont fit without fabwork-- though, if you check some of the fab threads, it is perfectly possible.

    i am not up on linux, but afaik, there is only the no-longer updated linux ice, though Open mobile has just started up, and some are having some success using ubuntu v10..

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