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Thread: Help me build my carputer

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    Help me build my carputer

    Hello !
    I have been searching and reading this forum for about one year, and finally I have decided to build my own carputer. I have tried to get as much answers as possible to the problems I would be facing installing a computer in my car, but there is still some questions I have not found answers to. First I can tell you what I have ordered so far:

    - Aero 3 Mini-ITX Case w/VIA VNT6656 WiFi and M3-ATX
    - Lilliput 869GL-80NP/C/T
    - Intel DH57JG Mini-ITX
    - Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard

    The case has arrived, and I am still waiting for the other parts. Of course I will need more parts (CPU, RAM, etc.).

    The first thing I know is that the M3-ATX 125W is too weak, so I will need a more powerful power supply. I have been looking on the 250W M4, but I understand that I might get problems with it? That it does not power on the system, or that it will shutdown after some seconds, or the USB-will not work. Many of the threads I have found is from 2008. And I found that the M4 now runs the 2.0 Firmware. Is this a safe power supply to buy, or is there a better power supply in the 250-300W range that not have any problems? I was ready to order the M4, but then I started reading about the problems with it on the forum... Hope someone could share their thoughts about it.
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    I can see some problems with the combination of parts you are listing.

    1. The motherboard takes a socket LGA1156 CPU (Intel Core i3, i5, i7). The lowest TDP of those CPU's (at Newegg) is 73W. That's a lot of heat for that case. You can only use low-profile coolers in those cases, which may or may not be adequate for those CPUs. Also those cases have very little ventilation, so they will get quite hot inside.
    2. There's no room inside for an M4-ATX.

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    The m4 would work fine but not in that case. Chances are you will be very disappointed with a 70W+ cpu inside of a car (unless you plan on using it for cooking).

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    rstange--what are you planning on doing with that much car computing power?

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    I have some modification plans for the case. But I need to know if the M4 is a safe buy !

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    I'd say the M4 is a good buy. It would be my choice if I were to upgrade from my M2. I wouldn't go with an M3 because there seems to be a lot of negativity coming from its users ... relative to those who use the M2 or M4. Just my thoughts ...

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