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Thread: Questions about adding a CarPC into a 1993 Honda Accord

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    Questions about adding a CarPC into a 1993 Honda Accord

    Hello, I was just wondering what the best way would be to go about integrating the sound from a PC, without adding a sound card to the PC, with the speakers in the car. I have a Pioneer CD player that has an auxiliary port, but that would mean keeping the head unit leaving me without a place to put the touchscreen. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks for your time.

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    So you're saying you want to use the onboard sound?

    If you lose the head unit, you'll need a separate amplifier to drive the speakers. Connecting the soundcard/onboard to the amp is easy.
    Small (motorcycle) amps have been suggested for driving factory speakers.
    You could also consider moving the headunit by extending its cables, instead of buying an amp, so you can fit your touchscreen.
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