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Thread: 2008 infiniti fx options?

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    2008 infiniti fx options?

    I recently bought a 2008 fx 35 with sport and tech package.

    What I do not like:
    1)My buddy owns a 2006 g35 and can enter navigation direction vocally via his bluetooth and I cannot. Isn't that part of the tech
    2)Based on my search on ths forum I just realized that I cannpt view DVDs on my dash since regardless of the button marked dvd.
    3)I can't see the caller ID on the in dash screen.
    4)The Ipod interface that the dealer installed sucks
    5) The lines don't turn on my Back-up (reverse) camera

    What are my option?
    I'm a tech freak and toying with the of getting a "carputer" ?

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    It's an older discussion, so maybe not pertinent to your model, but have a look here for some info on hacking the DVD in the FX 35:

    *Edit*, sorry after looking over it a little better I see that's for the M35 and not the bad. If the features you listed above are the only ones you need, I would just replace the factory head unit with an aftermarket DVD/Nav system.

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