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Thread: Barebone External PSU help

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    Barebone External PSU help

    I'm just getting into this carputer scene. Im lookin at

    to use as my computer. I noticed that it has an external psu, so my question to you is how do I go about getting a startup/shutdown controller for it? I know there is laptop controllers out there but i wasn't sure if it word work the same way for a desktop.

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    you would need to use a laptop-type power adapter to plug into the system(check power requirements of unit, and the power supply you want to use), and then should be able to use it normally-- ie: the controller would then power the computer on/off using the power button

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    Also, if you're buying a new computer, have you looked at the systems built specifically for a car, such as those in the mp3car store, and those at They come with an intelligent startup/shutdown controller and power supply already.

    Edit: Just noticed only some of the systems in the mp3car store come with a vehicle power supply. The others have it as an add-on option.

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