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Thread: Using Infinity Kappa's w/out Proprietary Crossovers?

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    Using Infinity Kappa's w/out Proprietary Crossovers?

    I just bought a set of secondhand Infinity Kappa 4" speakers, but they didn't come with their crossovers. I have them currently hooked up in parallel directly to my head unit, and they sound OK, but as soon as I touch the bass adjustment and raise it, they begin to pop and crack at any moderate volume. Is there something I'm maybe doing wrong...or are those crossovers absolutely essential?


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    they're not essential but i'm sure they phased out some of the low frequencies that infinity speakers dont like playing. You'll never get adequate bass from a pair of infinity speakers, but they do mids and highs superbly. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    you will definatly need some sort of crossover--sometimes headunits have them, you could pick up some external units, or can make your own with capacitors using the correct size.


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