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Thread: Sooo new to this

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    Sooo new to this

    Hi. I've been into car audio most of my life and I'm no stranger to building my own computers.

    I recently found the need for more flexible processing in my car audio system. I looked at the Zapco DSP6 and Audison BitOne processors, but I began wondering if I could just build a carpc with the same processing power (or more) for cheaper.

    Id like to keep my head unit and just use the carpc as an audio processor to control crossovers, eq, and time alignment. I'm thinking Id use my laptop to remotely change tuning settings.

    Is this kind of thing done, or am I way off base here?

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    there is a thread over at about this-- titled something like 'help me build a computer to beat the bitone!!'

    though i think that you might run into a couple of roadblocks running the headunit into the computer as a input, process the signal, and then out to the amps(i could be wrong though). my setup, and most of the others here also use the computer as the source-- so you play, and process the audio on the computer

    if you can find it, there is a old wiki(they updated to a different version, but left the old info there) on processing audio through a computer, otherwise, just post up your questions-- either here, or in the high end sound area in the car audio forum here-- the car audio forum will get a little more attention than the newb area(esp. for audio processing), so just keep it in mind.

    i have posted a lot on audio processing, so you could even just search for my username in the high end car audio section if you run stuck(there is also a car audio mod that keeps a link to the audio processing wiki in his sig, but i can't remember his s/n...).

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    Thanks soundman98!
    I'm about 4/17 pages into that thread on DIYMA. The title is misleading though. Most of the talk is about a full on carpc with lcd screen and using the pc as a source unit. I'll keep reading though.

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