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Thread: New to CarPuters, got a few questions

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    New to CarPuters, got a few questions

    I've been reading through the site and I'm now considering putting in a carputer into my 05 Colorado. I'm debating weather to go carputer or an aftermarket head unit. I've built computers before, and done quite a bit of fab work on personal projects, so actually building a carputer for my truck and installing it shouldn't be that difficult for me. I like the idea of the flexibility that a carputer offers, and I am a gadget type guy (I love my techno toys, lol). Although, some of the headunits I've looked at do have some flexibility. So, I've got a few general questions that will help me make a final decision.

    Some of the features that I'd want to incorporate into the unit would be HD Radio, MP3 playback, IPhone integration & BlueTooth capability, GPS & Navigation, Truck monitoring system and mobil web browsing.

    Can anyone give me some pro's and con's on carputers vs. aftermarket head units? (I know most here are carputer guys, gut if anyone can give me an honest comparison would be very helpful.

    Whats the boot-up time for a carputer? I've never built a pc this small, so I'm not sure how fast or well they run. And, I've got no tunes while it boots up ... not sure I like that.

    Can I run the carputer off of a second battery and let it run all the time, that way I don't have to wait for boot-up, I can just put it on hybernate while I'm not using it, that way its pretty much ready when I am.

    How well do these units do in heat? It usually stays in the 90's here duriing the summer with pretty high humidity, am I going to have to come up with a way to keep the unit cool, since it'll be mounted in the dash?

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    a general rule of thumb is that if you are considering a headunit, to go with a head unit-- the biggest differences is a reliability, boot time, and web.

    computers will eventually need maintenance--either because you are like me and tinker with it too much, and finally screw up the os, or because there is a new version of riderunner that needs to be installed

    boot time is a very touchy issue for some--i cold boot my pc every time, so it takes about 2-3 min before music is playing-- long enough for me to enjoy the sound of my stock exaust... most people use hibernate for about 20-30 sec. resumes, and now ther is hybrid sleep on win 7 which is supposed to be even faster(10-15 sec? not too familiar with it...)

    for some, 2 seconds is too long, for others, 5 min is fine. it is kind of up to you how long you can deal with the voices in your head

    also, carputers can have web access-- and, as far as i know, no head units currently on the market come with web access built in (guys using avic units figured out a way to get a web browser, but that is not included from the factory-- so i don't think it counts).

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    multi monitor, obd, flexibility, upgradeable, repairable are the main reason i decided to do it, oh and the bad***ness of not have a stupid chinese flip out thing... ewwww

    cost, money, not cheap are the biggest deterrents but i justify it cause its the last "radio" ill ever buy and i know people that buy a new expensive chinese head unit every time they get income tax money.

    ive had my setup in-dash as of last spring and im in the south south, im talkin 92 degrees at 2 in the morning, and i havent had any major heat related issues although i am rerouteing the intake to the hvac blower to pull air away from the board because speed fan reports hi temps after about 2 hours of use. i do how ever recommend those big window shades cause thats the easiest way to prevent direct sun light to the dash.

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