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Thread: First Car Computer Advise

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    I have been reading the FAQ and just dont understand the difference, but I think im starting to, the ATX power supplies go in the case and plug into the motherboard and the battery, so systems with a setup like the Acer Revo already have something plugged into the motherboard so you need to use that with the carnetix to power them...correct? or do i not get it.

    On a different note I cant seem to make up my mind on what to do so ill ask your opinion...which do you think would be better they are about the same price:

    Acer Aspire Revo AR1600 (or the AR3600 I might be able to get for same price)
    Carnetix CNX-P2140


    Zotac IONITX-D-E Mini-ITX Motherboard
    M2-ATX 160 Watt Intelligent Power Supply
    2GB DDR2 800
    Morex 5677 Mini-ITX Case Without PSU

    And a hardrive to be determined

    Or another recommendation would be helpful. They both are around 360 dollars. I already have a GPS receiver, bluetooth, dvd drive, and deciding on the monitor
    DoubleSight DS-70U - 7" w/
    3M touch systems 98-003-3112-8 installed for capacitive touch
    Lilliput 7" VGA, HDMI, DVI Touch Screen Monitor 669GL-70NP/C/T

    The Lilliput is a little more expensive and has resistive touch (which i dont like, but can change later i guess) but it has HDMI and wont take up two USB plugs, which is a plus. Any pros or cons on one or the other

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    Processor is missing buddy

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    actually its integrated into the motherboard, but I already decided to go with the acer aspire 3610, now I just need to decide on which screen, help would be appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by DebanjanSEO View Post
    Processor is missing buddy

    Looks like somebody ELSE has a lot of learning to do!!

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