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Thread: running 2 stereos at same time

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    running 2 stereos at same time

    Hey guys, this forum looks great...

    I want to add an aftermarket stereo which will be concealed in the glove box but also keep my stock radio in use. I was thinking of doing this with a few double throw 12vdc relays which will enable me to switch between the aftermarket and the stock radio by simply operating the switch for the coil on the relay.

    has anyone done this and if so please let me know your thoughts..


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    Welcome, and just so you know this site is geared toward car-computer integration and you may get better responses from a car audio site (links are in the Car Audio stickies section). As far as what you're trying to accomplish, I guess the obvious question would be why? I suppose it's easily done as long as you're using outboard amps. Just use a rca y adapter for the 2 outputs of each deck to the 1 input of the amp. I don't think you'd need a switch, just keep them both on. If you get some noise, just turn off the one you're not using.

    I still have to ask, why would you want to do this?

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    dang, i had a nice, whole post written up about this...

    anyways, black_mamba, i think he is talking about using the internal amps on teh factory deck, and aftermarket radio, though, that is a lot of work for this..

    what is the benefit to do doing this in your setup?

    you could do it with 8 spdt relays, but at a rough cost of $5ea, it isn't cheap...

    i am partially crazy-- i have a similar setup... i have a ipod, and carputer input into my amps separatly, so that i always have some sort of audio-- i can't drive a car without something playing, and last summer, my car spent almost 3 months with the dash partially ripped out while i installed the carputer-- so i learned not to just use the carputer

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    Just tie the speaker output wires into the speaker wires in the factory harness, then use a SPDT switch on the turn on leads for both radios... With the switch in one position it will turn on the factory and off the aftermarket then flip the switch and its opposite... requires just one switch, no relays, nothing special. Also then whichever is selected will still then just shut off with the key.

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