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Thread: What's a good Rockford Fosgate system for my car?

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    Arrow What's a good Rockford Fosgate system for my car?

    Hey guys not too bright at this whole car audio stuff so looking for some help/tips/whatever.

    I have a Hyundai Sonata 2002 with a good kenwood aftermarket head unit and factory tweeters and speakers. I listen to a lot of electro house and mostly stuff with a fair bit of bass!!.

    I'm on a budget so no sub right now, i'm just getting speakers and possibly an amplifier.
    My questions are: Are component speakers that much better than coaxle and worth the extra money?
    Will an amplifier do any good, especially for getting extra bass, or is running off head unit fine?
    And are punch that much better than prime speakers?

    The guy in the shop reccomended 6.5" component for front and 6.9" prime for rear..

    Cheers dudes

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    no reason to post 2 threads. response in other thread.

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