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Thread: What bit Flexible PCI Cable do I need?

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    What bit Flexible PCI Cable do I need?

    I am looking for a flexible pci adapter on eBay and see 3 different bit types. 32, 164, and 184. I am just wanting to use it to lay a radeon 7000 down so I can squeeze it in my glove box. I am using a Intel D945GCLF and all I see on the Intel website is "One PCI Conventional* bus connector" nothing about bit size of the pci.

    Anybody have any input on which way I should go?
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    it should be a 32bit extension for that motherboard-- ie: it is white, and it has 1 large opening, and 1 small opening.

    it seems that 164/184 bit extensions are mostly supported by server motherboards--the biggest difference in the 164 version being that it is black, and seems to have more wires in the ribbon, and the 184 bit version has more sections, so that is definatly not for the 945 board.

    all of teh standard computer motherboards i have worked with use the 32 bit version.

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    32 bit version

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