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    Valet Switch

    Not sure if I'm using the right term or not here but I would like to setup a switch that breaks the power circuit to my computer so that it doesn't always startup when I'm in the vehicle. When I just run up the street I don't want the computer to be just starting up and then immediately have to shut down. My question is I believe the M2atx uses the accy line to detect power so do I put the switch on the accy line to computer or right on the main power line? Also, can I just use a computer on/off switch or do I need something special?


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    your on the right track--most computer switches are momentary-- meaning that they only work when you keep pressure on them. you should look for a normal switch(one that stays where you switch it too)

    once you connect it in the acc line, it should works exactly as you need.

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    Awesome, I actually got a switch that is meant to power on computer accy's like fans, etc so it's just a straight off/on switch.

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