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Thread: basic (display only) question

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    basic (display only) question

    hi, i'm ethan, i've been reading a lot on this website over the last two months or so.

    I understand theres a lot of technicalities of screen resolution/sunlight readability etc. I'm just curious with a very minimal, stock looking install, to a 2008 mercury milan, simply installing a display, that I could plug my iPhone into, and some sort of amp/deck behind it (i'll figure out), would this suit me well?

    I'm not really up to par on dash deck hole sizes (referring to the space the stock ford/mercury deck took up, compared to the aftermarket screens etc. I'll of course measure before buying anything, but I'm sure theres standard sizes etc. Are these really tacky cheap screens or decent? I don't need an amazing display and I know it's obviously not the top of the like 800 dollar screen.

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    i use that kit, but with a lilli 629 display-in a convertible- if the sun hits it, it will reflect it, and will usually wash out the display-- i usually put a hand over the screen to see what it says. good or bad, that is what these screens will do..

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