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    new dude

    hey guys new well to this forum...

    Names David live here in Arizona got a project ive been working on for some time its not often you see one pimped out if at all (other then sema) my 2005 Kia Sportage is been through a lot these last few years and lets just say im swaping a new motor in right now. but as another project I have some headrest Tvs currently and im looking to go a little bigger. I just bought some Tview 11.2 inch Tvs that are going to replace my stock ones I currently have some 7 inch gryphon screens in at the moment. anyways if i can ill post up some pics.

    Yes thats a supercharger:

    blower out of the car: picture was taken at 1am

    custom billet emblem I had made:

    the dentist setup:

    drag slicks:

    old Tvs

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    time for a car computer?

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    im not going that far with this car if i had a bigger car like say a Chrysler 300 I would.

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