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Thread: help with intel d945gclf motherboard setup

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    help with intel d945gclf motherboard setup

    Hi to everybody, I'm building my first carpc on a low budget that's why I have this board and I realised that it's not a high performance board(I don't need one) and I would like to get some input from you who are using it or used to have this board.
    what other hardware are you using with it, which os and other software. any issues that I have to be aware of.
    right now I'm bench testing it, so I don't have much as hardware and I don't want to buy stuff which later I will find out that it's not that great.
    right now the pc is installed in an old external Sony CDRW drive enclosure and it fits extremly well, i'm even thinking of living it in there if the DD setup won't fit in my car.
    I have a 1gb memory, laptop ide dvd drive, 60gb sata hd, atx power supply, 17" monitor, tiny-winxp-pro-sp3, centrafuse 2.1&3.1(having bluetooth issues-centrafuse doesn't show the connected sign next to the wifi sign).
    best bios setting would be helpful also, fastest boot time setting/software used, even overclocking if it's possible.
    I have a 2008 VW Rabbit with a Kenwood DNX5120 nav unit, but I would like to have a pc rather in there.
    I'm planning a DD setup.

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    I gues everybody is thinking, why this guy is not searching and reading on this forum and other forums about his problems, right? I'm here and on centrafuse forum also.
    that's what I'm doing every day since I'm unemployed. I just wanted to know other's experinence with this board and aditional hardware/software used.
    by the way the Bt it's working since the other post, did not try fully the calling feature yet. I need a mic. first.

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    i played around with this board a bit a while back:
    Intel D945GLF2 Optimization

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    Yeah, Punky has some awesome info in that thread he linked to, but the bottom line is that dang board is a SLOW POSTer. With Punky's settings, the fastest boot time I ever achieved with my GCLF2 was around 28 seconds. I think some of my peripherals were to blame.

    Other than that, the board is great, and seems plenty fast for most all CarPC usage. The one I had in the car was doing RR, RevFE, iGuidance and internet with no issues or slowness with windows XP. Windows 7 on this board is a little laggy and crappy.

    In all the experience I had with this mobo, there is no overclocking available.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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