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Thread: Boot from USB to format HDD?

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    Boot from USB to format HDD?

    Been trolling through here for a while, and have finally pieced together a complete carpc thanks to this place, but have a question I cannot find an answer for.

    Carpc is currently running some version of Xp that has been trimmed down & not very stable. I dont have much for PC equipment, nor a lot of experience in this field. I just got a copy of XPe that I want to install & start from scratch, to try & get something to work a bit better.

    Is there a way for me to load the XPe onto a USB, boot the car pc from the USB, & use that to reformat the HDD & then install XPe?
    Any helpful links would be greatly appreciated.

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    My suggestion is to get yourself a full copy of WinXP and load that.
    The instability is likely a result of your trimmed-out XP. Installing a full-bore copy will likely get rid of your stability problems.

    XPe (XP embedded) is a whole different animal and requires a lot more prep-work and configuration to get it right.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I've made bootable USB sticks for installing Windows XP from USB, but never XP Embedded. I don't know if the tools that create the bootable USB XP installer works with XP Embedded.

    Now if you want to install Windows XP from USB, yes that's completely possible. You can even use nlite first to slipstream SP3 into the installer.

    Here's more info:

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    That is the reason I am on here, to learn. I am up for the challenge, it is what I enjoy.
    Quite a few on here praise XPe, and the little bit I found out about it on wikipedia makes it sound like the ideal candidate for a carpc OS.

    Thanks for the link Kross, should be very helpful when I get a chance to read through it all.

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