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Thread: New project by noob, many questions: Volvo V70 T5

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    Question New project by noob, many questions: Volvo V70 T5

    Hi guys!

    I came across this very nice community whilst surfing on google. It would be great if you guys could help me out, please and give me some advice so I can start my project. I will keep you informed as the project progresses.

    I searched alot on the internet and I never found a Volvo carputer project that suited my liking so I want to start my own.

    My car is a Volvo V70 T5 (2006) with the factory DVD Navigation System, it has a 6,5 inch LCD screen that pops out of the dash when it gets power. Since I want everything to look OEM I thought of using the RTI Screen as the computers display.

    I already found a very nice device from Sensolutions ( It has several great features but the most important one for me is the ability to use the Video chinch (Pal) of the device and show it on the RTI's screen.

    There are some problems however that need advice of experts :

    - In your opinion is it a good choice to use the OEM screen with video chinch? I think of resolution, unreadable text, etc...

    - Is there a front end that allows the control with a knob or a small device? I have no touchscreen so this seems to be the only way when I don't use an aftermarket touchscreen LCD. I drive an Audi A5 which is my company vehicle and I love the MMI System it has (It is the expensive one with Phone, Jukebox etc.).

    I have more questions and problems in my sleeve but I guess it is better to solve and answer the basic ones and get the thing working before getting to advanced.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice.


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    I don't know of any frontends that will work without a touchscreen. Also, I don't think you'll be happy with the video resolution. Using composite or s-video to hook up to the screen will give you blurry text.

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    the 2 most common knobs are the griffin powermate, and the Space Navigator. i am not very familiar with the actual programming(never used either), but i remember seeing other members using them with a couple of different front ends(i am pretty sure that ride runner, and centrafuse are 2 of them).

    another thing that could help you is the poorly-overlooked-FAQ's:

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