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Thread: corrado vr6 install

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    corrado vr6 install

    hi all first of i am a newby to this and what a source of info this site is
    right down to my problem"
    i have picked up some parts to build a carputer not brilliant but i will upgrade as i get better i have a epia-sp1300 lvds board and want to run front and back speakers also a sub i have put 1gig of memory in the board also got centrafuse 3 what sound card would be recommended by you guys for running this i already have a sound blaster live ct4830 card i found in my other computer parts but it sits quite high in the board and was planning to put the install simmilar to this one
    and info on tips of wot i should and shouldent do would be gratefull also havent got a touchscreen yet so recomendations would be gratefull or before i with attempting this install

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    cough...wheeze...wheeze...[deep breath's] try to use some punctuation, it will help make your posts more understandable-- this isn't AIM..

    otherwise, check out the faqs:

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