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Thread: Computer for non moving 12v system

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    Computer for non moving 12v system

    I know this web site is dedicated to mobile computing, but it appears there's a greal deal of expertise here on 12v systems and I have one that doesn't move.

    I have a 10 acre vineyard on a remote site with no power. I have a solar panel and 8 solar batteries running a car computer. That computer, using Phidgets, can turn on the generator, start the well pump and cycle through the 10 irrgation blocks - each block takes 2 to 3 hours to irrigate so not have to be there for 20 to 30 hours twice a week when we are irrigating is a big plus. There's also a cellular modem there so I can log into the computer and start or modify an irrigation cycle.

    I'm looknig for a new computer. Low power consumption is very important as the system needs to be able to stay running for 3 or 4 days of no sun. I've looked at the computers at the store, but I am really having hard time telling the difference between them. I need a reasonably fast computer, graphics speed is irrelevant, with as many good (powered) USB ports as possible. I purchased one of the $85 hubs featured on this site in an attempt to solve USB stability problem with the Phidgets - with no luck.

    This system is really imporant. It is working about 98% right now, but I need it to be 100%.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    if you are familiar with linux, there is the the ultra low power sheeva plug-- i am told that it uses about 5 watts, but only has 1 usb port, and 1 rj45 ethernet connection...

    otherwise, there is the the low power atom boards, but it sounds like you already have one of those--yes? those are supposed to take about 15 watts, so that would also be a low-power setup.

    if you tried the 945 intel board from the store-- i have also tried that one, and had problems primarily relating to intels bios, and creative's usb x-fi sound card...

    if the intel board is not working out the best, i would recommend a simillar zotac version with the atom processer, or maybe try a netbook?

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