Hi Guys/Girls,
Here my working progress.... its been in the car now for a while but i had to remove the PC to put a SSD hard drive... Fingers crossed a lot more speed....

The Set up...

Mother board - Via Epia m10000
Ram - Kingston 1GB Ram
Blue tooth - Generic bluetooth adapter
GPS - BU-353
Power - M2-ATX 160w
Case - Voom PC-2
Hard drive - SSD Silicon Power 2.5" 32GB
Frontend - Centrafuse 3
Screen - Black Double Din LCD Frame with 7" Lilliput 629GL-70NP/C/T
Sound/AMP DECK - JVC KD-AVX11 everything is connect to this deck it runs my sound to my speakers...

Below power supply its my power supply and audio connection...

My MB being assembled

My font-end

More to come very slow money is hard to earn and save