I need a new car stereo bad.
But I want to do it right.

My car has a LCD Screen beneath the speedometer.

The steering wheel has buttons for:
Telephone on / off hook.
Volume up / down.
+ / -
pg-up / pg-dn

There is a CD changer in the glove box.. and there is a parallel port, antenna and optical link in the trunk.

In the arm rest box there is an old connector for a analog motorola telephone.

There is a microphone in the roof behind the rear view mirror.
dialing digits are on the stereo face plate.

I would like to rip out the stock stereo and put in a GPS / Multimedia display.
I have an iPhone and I'd like to integrate that too.
I've read that I can actually control the LCD dash display through a canbus.

I've found a few components I think I like...
I'd like a something like the E>GO Zenic...

www.connects2.co.uk seems to have:
a Universal CAN-Bus Steering Wheel Control Interface.
A Bluetooth Phone Integration Package...

There is a www.mikbox.com that seems to have a piece for blue tooth telephone integration.. but their web site is down...

There is a nice looking job that was done here on a 2003....
2003 mercedes c230 coupe

Where to start?