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Thread: E46 cluster latency??

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    E46 cluster latency??

    Hi Folks

    A while ago I have developed a circuit board that will show oil pressure and temperature on the older K-bus equipped cars such as the E34 and E32. Actually the board is capable on displaying more than just that.

    I have been approached to develop an I-Bus version of the engine oil interface. I did just that based on the TH3122 and I have it up and running hooked up to the Ibus Analyzer.

    My problem: I do not have an E46 to try this out on. On the K-bus, E32/E34, I have to repeat/update my message about every 200milliSecs or the display flickers.
    What is the latency of a message displayed in the E46 I-bus cluster?? when I send a message to the cluster display, how long does the cluster display display my message before it is automatically erased?

    Thanks in advance!!


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    There was a pluin for the RoadRunner front end that sent text via the iBus to the E46 and E39 custer displays, have a look for those threads.

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    I had already done so, didn't find the answer to how long a message stays on the display before it is auto erase...

    hopefully somebody can tell me what the repeat rate has to be to have a flicker free display


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