Hello, I am new here! Any help would be great! I have a 2002 Cadillac Deville with onstar, but no bose. It does have a factory amp. I installed a aftermarket radio the brand is Innovatek 901GPS It has gps, tv, dvd,radio,bluetooth, etc. I hooked it up with the Pac-os2-gm32 and everything works fine all speakers work and the HU works great! But when I power down the radio shuts down but all the lights on the radio stay on. On the Pac harness I did not connect one wire, It is orange it is for illumination my radio does not have this wire. Also my new radio has a blue antenna wire, I hooked this up to the pac blue antenna wire. Now the Pac has a blue/white wire wich is the amp trigger wire. My radio does not have a trigger wire so I hooked the pac blue/white wire to the radio blue antenna wire. Could this be my problem? And if so where should I hook the blue/white wire from the Pac? To my ingnition wire? Thank you in advance!