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Thread: Software change on Chinese double din unit

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    Hi all. Looked all over the forums but didn't anything on this. Not sure if this is the right place to post, but since I'm a newbie....

    I've got one of those Chinese touchscreen double din head units which has just about everything on it, mounted in my Toyota Hilux Surf. It's an Erising ES908D 7" 2 Din HD Car DVD Player DVB-T GPS. On the whole the hardware seems pretty good but, and although it all works, the software is a bit of a disappointment (except the GPS which is iGo8 on an SD card) I just wondered whether anyone had tried replacing the software on one of these devices with say Centrafuse or Road Runner? Any comments or further info greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    they usually use win ce and most are locked down you might find a header pin on board to upgrade or others use the second sd slot to upgrade its really a crap shoot as to which way to do it. SNO

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