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Thread: 3002 Viper Alarm

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    3002 Viper Alarm

    I'm hoping someone on here and give me the wire configurations to hook up a Viper 3002 2-way car alarm (w/o remote start) to my 1994 Mustang GT.

    I bought this systems cheap off eBay and don't see spending more to have it installed than what I paid for.

    Hope someone can help me out, thanks.

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    actually, there isn't much we can do-- we are only on the other side of a computer..

    you will need to locate multiple wiring diagrams(there seem to be many inconsistancies across internet wiring diagrams, so if you locate a couple, you can narrow it down to a more specific wire color) for your car, and tie into the specific wires you need for the alarm to work...

    if you don't have a dmm(digital multimeter), or don't know how to use one, you will also need one of those, and learn what it does, and how to properly use it to determine how to connect the alarm to the proper wires.

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