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Thread: Help identify the connector on my car monitor

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    Help identify the connector on my car monitor

    hi well i am going to be installing a car pc into my sierra soon and i managed to pick up a monitor for 16 bargain. but having received it i cannot find a connector to suit it.

    here is a picture of it so if anyone could help me find out what sort of connector it is it i would be really greatfull, so i can start to move forward with my install.

    thanks adam

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    what does the rest of the monitor look like, and is there any model numbers on the monitor?

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    I doubt that is a VGA like connection... What is the resolution of the screen? If it is less than VGA (640x480) I would just dump it now, it isnt worth it.
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    That looks like s-video to me, or at least something similar. If its one of those all in one plugs that is designed to be split apart for maintenance (Think the data plug on the lilliputs, that kind of thing), it will be their own design.

    But as Toaster said, it looks like the 16 quid might not have been quite the bargain, sorry!

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    I actually used to have a box that was a TV tuner which output to a VGA screen. The box had a connector that looked like that and the wire that came with it had one end that looked like that and one end was VGA. You may be in like.
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