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Thread: Installing CarPC and want to hook up existing head rest monitors

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    Installing CarPC and want to hook up existing head rest monitors

    I am in the process of building my first carPC and want to know if my existing headrest monitors (4 of them) will be able to be tied into the carPC. Currently they are ran off of my HU that will be getting replaced with a 7" Lilliput screen and the PC.

    Current setup:
    All four head rest monitors are pigtailed into my existing HU via the Yellow RCA Jack.

    New Setup:
    Current head rest monitors:
    Four of these.
    ZOTAC NM10-A-E Intel Atom D510: Has D-Sub and HDMI out put:

    The only thing I want the head rest to be able to do is watch videos that is controlled by me. I also want to be able to simultaniously be able to control the CarPC from the lillput screen while playing vidoe on the headrest.

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    The video control is easy. You simply tell Centrafuse in the settings to show all video on display 2. That way you dont have to worry not being able to use nav and what not.

    i am not sure what that D-Sub port is for, or rather how it works. Usually if its for RCA video, it would be yellow. This one is orange so im not sure if its the same thing. Download the manual for the mobo and see what that port is exactly for.
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    the 'd-sub' port he is talking about is the vga connector. the orange rca jack is for coaxial digital audio, and the other red/orange plug is the wifi connection, with a dust cover on it.


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