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Thread: atom mobo in 2DIN enclosure

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    atom mobo in 2DIN enclosure

    Hey guys has any one put the new atom mobos in an enclosure like the bybyte blackbox with a Lilliput lcd screen attached

    are there any other manufacturers that make 2 din enclosures?

    thanks for your help guys

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    Space is VERY tight.
    You might be able to pull it off, but you'll likely give up out of frustration.

    Make it easy on yourself and put the motherboard in a location away from the screen.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    there are no pre-made enclosures...

    there is a nano-itx board case-- another member, tripzero is making a detailed thread on using the case-- even with a nano itx board, it is extremely tight:

    i did try to make my own in-dash case for my own install, and ended up scrapping the idea, and selling the remnants to another member..

    basically, you need TONS of room in your dash for this to work.

    by my own measurements, you need about 13" of dash depth for all everything..

    and even then, it is a very tight fit.

    then there is also the issue with ventilation/heat-- you cannot just route your a/c vents to the pc, because the cool air will cause condensation once you turn the car off, leading to corrosion, and eventually hardware failure...

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    its been done before, but its totally a waste of time in my opinion.
    Here's why:
    1) its so hard because there's so little room to work with
    2) the dash is so much hotter than the trunk
    3) when you need to make changes to your install, you'll have to take apart your whole dash
    4) you'll most likely hear your cpu fan.

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    Not a complete waste of time.
    Here's my attempt
    Granted, the display isn't actually part of the box, and the hdd and cd are remote as well. And if your not comfortable soldering you'll need a lot more dash depth for all the connectors that will stick out.
    The fan noise, however, completely disappears when the engine is running.

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    Still leaves you with the problem of taking out the dash when you make hardware modifications.

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    thanks for all the input i think i will be puting it in the boot/spare wheel well.


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    thats a nice clean spot to put it, but make sure its got ventilation to the rest of the trunk, otherwise it'll get very hot, very fast.

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