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Thread: high level input?

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    high level input?

    Hi , I am looking to install an amp/sub to my 2007 mazda 6, I will be using the factory radio for now till I can afford a deck and a proper metra kit, 300$ + together.
    Anyways I know with the Line output converter you splice splice it with the factory stereo and use the RCA to the amp.
    Can I do the same with the high level input. Get some speaker wire (does gauge matter?) expose the wire from the harness and splice the speaker wire into the harness and run the speaker wire to my amp. Or do I need to do something else.

    Also is there difference in sound quility between the Line output converter and the high level input, I know the LOC's can potentially produce unwanted sounds/distortion, but will using the high level input have anytype of distortion.

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    i should warn you, this site is primarily for installing computers in cars..

    but for your questions: if your amp has high level inputs, it should be fine to use those instead.

    you should use at least 18ga wire, 16ga won't hurt, 14ga and lower is just burning money..(for this specific application )

    i really don't know if there is any sq difference between LOC's and high level inputs..

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