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Thread: Powering Lilliput screen

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    Powering Lilliput screen

    I've just bought a Lilliput 669 GL 7" screen. But the only power cables in the box is a UK 220V and a lighter/cigarette 12V plug to the car.

    How can i power my screen directly from the 12V wires in my car or the M3-ATX PSU that i've got too.. Can i power it with a 12V Molex plug from the PSU?

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    Can i just cut the lighter car plug and use a Molex from the PSU directly WITHOUT the "thing" on the original cable?

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    most of us call the 'thing' a egg-- because that's what it looks like..

    the egg-lookin-thing will partially regulate the incoming voltage. if you connect to teh m3, it won't hurt to use, but it is not required. if you connect directly to car power, use the egg..

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