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Thread: Intel Atom w/o fan, possible?

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    pinetrail based atoms should all work in fanless configurations with a big enough heatsink. The chipset is a much improved, lower-power chipset unlike the ones in the 230/330 Atoms.

    That said, my zotac ion/atom 330 had the option to go fanless. I put the fan on anyway just for fun.
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    Just to add my 2 cents, Zotac do some ION Atoms that will run fanless... however I chose one that needed a fan as I wasnt worried about space requirements

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    I have a Fanless Atom D510

    Yes there are some great boards out there. ill be updating my build post probably tomorrow. I have an intel Atom D510 board linked below in a M350 Mini ITX enclosure. it runs very cool 42C in the summer in Texas. All i have is 1 10mm case fan.

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    yes a know that hardware, but I'm trying to squiz a small amp(maybe amp9), hd radio adapter in there also with some shelves between them.
    rigtht now everything it's below 48c, but the box it's open. cpu it's 14-22c with the nortridge heatsink and fan.

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