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Thread: ML 320 Proposed Setup

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    ML 320 Proposed Setup

    Hello everyone,

    I am a neophyte to this forum, and have lots of questions... but before I throw out the first few, I want to throw a thank you out into the ether thanking everyone for all the posts. In the past week I have learned tons, and at the very least saved myself from making some starter mistakes... so thanks!

    Ok, so I just picked up a 2004 ML 320 and plan on installing a carpc + centrafuse. My first thought was to go Ipad, but from everything that I have seen and tested its too early for the ipad to be the brains behind the auto-tainment in my car.

    Essentially, I want to put together a system that will give me all the basics for now with the ability to expand later. I was thinking of picking up one of the new "ULTIMATE Micro Intel Vehicle & Home Media Computer" from the mp3car online shop, and adding Garmin GPS (from what I can tell its better than the centrafuse built in one (???). I also need bluetooth. I plan on buying an external amp and connecting that to the stock speakers (assuming the stock speakers sound any good -- I cant test them because I just got the vehicle and the stero is locked and I havent bothered unlocking it cause its gonna go to radio heaven in short order). Once I get the thing in there, I want to add some hardware to motorize my rear lift gate (its not motorized now) and write a plugin for centrafuse to control it, but I think thats better left for later..

    Anyway, I really need some advice on whats good high end equipment.. from the carpc, to peripherals, to nav software, and even to the amp.. So any help would be MORE than appreciated!!

    *The reason for centrafuse is that I am a .NET developer and am stoked about writing some fun apps (I was thinking about writing a sirius sat app that uses the sirius web streaming so that people with internet access dont need to buy sat radio hardware... assuming its not out there already).

    One last thing, do you have to wait for windows to boot up each time you start your car... and then wait for it to shutdown each time you turn off your car... I think I heard somewhere that you can use hibernate, which makes sense but still takes some time... sleep is almost immediate, but it uses up some power (will I need a second battery?)..

    Ok, thats it for now..

    Thanks again in advance!


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    Ok, so here is what I am thinking for my 2002 Mercedes Benz ML 320 Install:

    1. Car-PC: ULTIMATE Micro Intel Vehicle & Home Media Computer
    2. GPS: Garmin NAV software + BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver
    3. Monitor: Preassembled Black Double Din LCD Frame with 7" Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T-HB-RV HDMI DVI High Brightness
    4. Sound Card: (cause the extreme pc only comes with a stereo out).. Vantec USB External 7.1 Channel Audio Adapter (NBA-200U)
    5. Amp: Alpine PDX-5
    6. Controller 1: Space Navigator
    7. Controller 2: Gen 1 iPhone (I bought it 5 days after it first launched in Cali and its now just sitting politely on my desk @ home).. I will install Mobile Mouse software, then integrate the iphone into the center console and use it as a multi-touch mouse to control centrafuse.
    8: Software: Centrafuse
    9: Web: Since I am in Canada, I will pickup a Rogers Rocket Stick USB Modem and the CTR500 Mobile Broadband Router ... this also makes my car a mobile hotspot so if im in a coffee shop or in timbucktoo I can even use my laptop... and my son can watch toopy and binou on his ipod touch in the back seat...

    Thats it for now... Comment p-p-p-p-lease...

    Thanks, MW

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