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Thread: Connecting CarPC to speakers

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    Connecting CarPC to speakers


    I am looking at building a CarPC, which isn't an problem. My problems comes with how to get it working in my car.

    I am looking at the double din Nano enclosure, with a Via Epia NX15000G board, and using Centrafuse as my front end.

    Can anyone advise the best way of connecting it to my car's speakers (there wont be another head unit in the car)?

    The other thing is that there will be a rear screen that will require independant audio. How can I split the audio output, so it will play one source on the main speakers and a separate source going to the screen?


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    Computer => Amplifer(s) => speakers

    If you search this forum there is TON of info here with many great solutions.
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    Check the FAQs for audio solutions.

    I'm not sure I understand how you can pick Centrafuse as your solution if you haven't decided how to do the split-zone audio. Perhaps post this question on the CF forum?

    Open Mobile provides dual-zone audio and video and is free. It might work for you.
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