Im trying my first car pc project and I would like som input on the setup.

The car is an E60 2004. Sound will be run to the aux input to the factory radio.

I will use the pc for music, video (w two additional screens in backseat), nav, control of some functions w FB or similar and later on OBD monitoring.

I have the motherboard, a VIA EX1500, that I got because of the many video outputs.
PSU will be M2-atx, monitor 7" touch screen in custom centre console and I will try to put the pc case in the glovebox. I will have one hdd for os and one for everything else.

Wifi to syncronize media library in the car with home pc.

Maybe internet with wireless connection. 3G or 4G.

And questions:

If I want to control the power seats from the pc using like the FB, how is this best done? Can I make my own skin with an image of a seat with arrows to push for each direction of a motor in the seat? I need 16 outputs for each seat.

Can this be done in the RR or CF or will I have to switch to a separate program for the FB? In this case, can I rename a button in the front end that takes me to the seat control?

What OBD interface should I use? Will the permanent connection to the OBD drain my battery?

Can I remove the buttons I dont need in RR or CF? Like radio for example, I wont use it anyway.

If any of the above needs more advanced programming, (I have no knowledge in this, hence all programming is advanced to me) where can I get help with this? Anyone in the forum?

OR: is there a better solution to any of the above? Please tell..........

done this but not sure how to understand what I find.......