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Thread: What hardware and which PSU can I use with it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soundman98 View Post
    i agree with kegobeer..

    for some ideas on really cheap amps, and so i don't repeat everything, check this thread i just posted some ideas in:
    efficiency of head unit or eq?
    Thanks for your post. I have had a look at the parts you have recommended. I have a 2nd hand amplifier eyed up. Here is what the owner says about the AMP:

    This is my Magnat Amp, it was once a very highly regarded piece of kit with good power handling,
    It is however, far too powerful for my car, i need a simple 300 watt sub amp so this Magnat is up for grabs!
    It is a 4 channel setup with bridging so you can run a single sub or 2 or 4 etc,

    The model name is XCITE 720 with upto 860 watts of power.
    I know that you guys can't comment on every thing being bought and sold, but would it be ok to buy an used AMP of this power range ?

    Cheers for reading...

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    It would if the amp is good. But more often than not, I would discourage buying amp used unless the seller could guarantee all the channels are working properly, and the only way to do this would be for the seller to power it up for me to check it myself. I once bought a used amp...then found out later that the left channels were defective. You could get a new amp with a warranty for very little cost on ebay instead. Just my opinion. When it comes to electronics, it is better to buy new when possible.
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    ^ what he said. there are many people that will honestly sell a amp they no longer need, but there are probably just as many that try to sell a amp they blew up... but assuming this is the ebay link, for 23 pounds, it might be worth the gamble..

    and for referance, these are the specs:

    RMS (4 Ohm):4 x 90 Watt / 2 x 240 Watt

    max. (4 Ohm):4 x 180 Watt / 2 x 480 Watt

    max. (2 Ohm):4 x 240 Watt

    and the seller is slightly miss-informed. having too much power is like having too fast of a car, or too hot of a girlfriend ..

    there is no such thing as long as your careful with it.

    i have run 125w max subs with a 300w rms amp with zero problems-- and i used it that way for almost 4 years, both the amp, and subs are still working, but have been taken apart for different setups.. (according to most, a setup like this would result in crispy subs)

    as long as you correctly set everything up, and make sure not to drive the speakers past the point of audible distortion, everything will last for years and years..

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    @Soundman: its the same amp, although the seller is now listing on a reputable UK forums, where I am in touch with him. So hopefully, I can buy it for a reasonable cost, as long as it is all working fine.

    Thanks for the priceless input guys, loving it!!

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    You got the unit fitted? it looks wicked.. does the system work and what amp did you use?

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