Vehicle - 2009 Arctic Cat Prowler 1000cc XTZ ( sideXside )

Stereo Items

2 pairs of Alpine Marine SPR-M700

Deck - Kenwood Marine KMR-700U

Subs - MTX Audio Thunder Link XTL210P

The "amp" is up in the air at the moment. The answers I get on here will determine what I need to purchase.
As of right now my two choices are the
MTX Audio Thunder Marine TM452 2-Channel Amplifier
... OR ...
MTX Audio Thunder Marine TM904 4-Channel Amplifier

So now the Prowler has no windows or doors, so outside wind and engine noise is a factor.

So the idea is...

Build a box above my head that will span the width of the Prowler out of aluminum. will be about 46" long with holes for the 4 Apline 7" .

Now one question -
To get the best performance out of the 7" speakers, how "deep" should the box be?
Should all four speakers share the inside space? or put up dividers inside? Should I put that rubber matting inside to help with the bass?
So Im thinking the box will be 46" long / 10" wide / how deep to get bass??
or should I make it wider go 12" ?

To power those 4 Alpine's. I was thinking of using rear deck power and the MTX 2 ch amp? or am I better off with the 4 ch MTX amp?

Power consumption.

The Prowler does NOT have an alternator it has a stator which only pumps out 29 amps. EFI needs 9amp, lights need a few but mainly
Im powering this up with 2 larger deep cycle batteries. The plan is putting deck power to the Prowler but the two amps to the deep cycles.

I know this question is really hard to answer due to the style of music plays a big part in it.
Playing the main stream top 40's music ( example The Pluse on Sirius-XM ), any takers how long it will last?


Anyone have an idea what the amp draw would be ... even a rough guess would be great.

Thanks in advance to those who reply

PS: the sub box going to make it water tight