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Thread: Designate each audio jack

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    Designate each audio jack

    Hey I have a Intel D525MWV for a motherboard and it comes with 3 3.5''mm jacks for audio. Right now it will only play audio out of which ever is plugged into the green. My front, rear and subwoofer all have RCA to 3.5'' cords. How do I designate the Green to be the front speakers, Blue for the rear and Pink for the subwoofer?

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    thats done with the audio drivers... prob realtek

    but you know, if you play 2 channel mp3, it will only come out front!

    pc audio isnt made for cars (and in general we do audio wrong in cars)
    its made for home theaters

    if the source is 5.1 it will play from 5.1

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    So if like me, i have a separate 5.1 surround card, even if i run my 3.5mm cable from my sub jack, i may not get audio because the MP3's are 2 channel?

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    I Can't find how to change it anywhere in the Realtek manager. I use to be able to in the old version (Was Aquaish in color), but on this current version (257) I can't seem to find where to designate them.

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    Ok, so I this might be something with the new driver for Windows 7.
    I installed Windows XP back on the CarPC, and with that driver, I can get sound out of all my speakers and subwoofer. It makes it so the Blue port is rear speakers and pink is subwoofer.
    I really don't want to use XP, I want to use Windows 7. Does anyone know how to configure the Realtek Driver in Windows 7 to work on all 3 audio ports?

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