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Thread: CarPc for Dodge Charger Help

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    CarPc for Dodge Charger Help

    I'm a newbie to carpc but not to the pc world ..... i want to put a carputer setup in my wife's charger along with a full system 2x 10' kicker's mids/highs 2x amps but i just installed the eclipse navigation is it possible to keep the eclipse navigation as a monitor by using the video input (ex: as hooking it like a playstation in car) and use a keyboard and mouse to run the carputer cause i will assume that the eclipse will not be able to run the carputer using the touchscreen

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    Yes, you could send the audio through the headunit. The windows desktop & front end should show up on the screen through a video input but you are correct, no touch screen. I don;t know what size you will use to get the desktop to fit properly so you will have to experiment with that unless someone else chimes in that has done this.
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    you just need a vga to composite signal converter. it is discussed a little in this thread:

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