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Thread: Help the noob ! Sound problem !

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    Help the noob ! Sound problem !

    Hello all,

    I just finish my carputer but...
    For information:
    Motherboard: Gygabyte 525tud
    SoundCard: Wavio (Onkyo) SE200 PCI (link: )
    Power: M4 ATX 250W 12V (link: )
    All In metal case.

    My problem is when I plug the RCA to my car radio there is a continuous bad low Crackling sound.
    When I use a voltmeter, PC case to the car mass I can see a constant 0.03V.
    I though it was a mass problem but after checking everything I can't find what the problem is !

    Please help me to find it.
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    you probably have a ground loop-- there are tons of threads with info on how to correct that, so it would probably be better to search, as i tend to miss some details..

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    After spending time on the forum and discover what is ground loop...
    I am going to try this:
    Monacor FGA-40HQ, Oehlbach NB2000H, AL5 or Caliber LT1s
    I hope that's the good solution !
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    I bought a Caliber LT1s and miracle no more noise ! (link: )
    Merci Soundman pour ta réponse et merci à ce forum très complet pour les bidouilleurs en tout genre.
    A bientôt.

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    i bought a ground loop siolator from ebay about £10 inc P7P.. no more noise.

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