Hey Guys,

just signed up on this forum.

Need some advice and help to see if the new car i'm getting has enough juice in the stock battery and alternator to keep my new system running.

Currently i am driving a 2000 sunfire with (All product numbers are from www.futureshop.ca)

An Alpine deck don't remember the model number but bought it about 5-6 years ago.
Fronts = Infinity Reference 4" x 6" 2-Way Car Speaker (6432CF).
Rears = Infinity Reference 6" x 9" 3-Way Car Speaker (REF9633CF).
2 Infinity Reference 10" Car Subwoofer (1060W)
Pioneer Class D Mono Car Amplifier (GM-D7500M)
and a cap Stinger Power Capacitor (SSCAP1)

I am going to be getting an 06 hyundai sonata very shortly and just need some help knowing if i'm going to need a bigger battery or will stock be able to handle the additional equipment i'm going to be adding.

These are the parts that i'm adding/moving to the new car.

getting rid of old alpine and switching it to their new Alpine CDE-123
Fronts = Infinity Reference 6 1/2" 2-Way Car Speaker (6032CF)
Rear = will be transfered from my sunfire since it's the same size
Subs = will stay the same
Pioneer Class D Mono Car Amplifier (GM-D7500M) will stay the same

Will be adding a second amp for speakers
Alpine 4-Channel Car Amplifier (MRP-F300)
Cap will stay the same from old car.
And all new wiring.

Please give me some feedback and help me out, if i need a bigger battery that i need to put in.

thanks again.