Hi my name is jerry and i am new to the whole car pc thing i do have some knowledge on car audio and electronics but nothing big..
My question here is what do i need to get and where to get it and around how much it will be..
again i am new to this so sorry if there is any stupid questions so cut me some slack guys..
i mainly want a car pc for unlimited music/videos or connect a external HD to it where i have my stuff or in the pc already i also want the bluetooth,ipod or iphone 4,wifi, obdII for my gauges and any other good stuff that can be of help with these car pc. this i how my car looks from the dash my car is a 2000 pontiac grand prix GTP

i am not looking for a super car pc just something that can get the job done and quick without slowing down the pc not the best but not the cheapest either not a pc genius so might have to translate some terms for me lol
Any help is appreciated guys thanks