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Thread: Not Newb, but shout out question...

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    Not Newb, but shout out question...

    Wow, I leave the scene for a year or so and EVERYTHING CHANGES! In a good way...
    Anyway, I have a PC in my car now, thing is, I'm getting a new car. SO, my question is...
    Who here has a CarPC in VW GTI 2006 - 2010? I looked in the worklogs and project show offs, and did not see any. Does ANYONE have a VW GTI setup that they would be willing to talk to me about? I fell in love with this car and I will be buying one soon, but am hesitant to rip into it... So, any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.


    [edit] Ok, found ONE person so far and they are currently building one too... go figure. If anyone else already has one established or is building one...I'd appreciate it...
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