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Thread: Configuring My First System

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    One more question. So i have never really played with a multiple SSD setup. Would it be possible to have a smaller OS SSD (Know i can do this one) and a second SSD for media which would be removed and hooked up to a home desktop when lots of data needed added?

    Basically can I have all the perks of an integrated SSD w/ the perks of a flash drive?

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    the way i understand it, there is really no advantage to running multiple ssd's in that way. most who run 2 drives do so because they cannot afford a large ssd, so they run a small ssd+ a platter-based storage drive. which still gets the benefits of ssd bootup times, with the low-cost-per-gb-storage that a platter-based drive offers.

    other then vibration resistance, i don't believe that a dual, non-raid setup has any serious advantages..

    though i do believe it is fully possible to do.

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    Just wondering if you purchased this stuff. I am looking at swapping out my LGA 1156 to the same LGA1155 board you posted but wanted to ask you some questions if you had it up and running
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