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Thread: Acura EL Type-S Car Computer, questions

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    Acura EL Type-S Car Computer, questions

    (this is what my console looks like but with OEM burl wood)
    Yeah I call it a Acura EL Type-S because there's a k20a2 in it and that's pretty much the reason why I'm adding this computer. I didn't want to spend more money on new gauges and I also thought it would be easier to see the rpm's if I had them where my radio so that I could shift at perfect times. The plan would be to buy an AEM EMS and connect it to the computer and have all the gauges and graphs go through that by using the AEM software.
    As for other features, I'd want a small (I probably won't ever need more than 30gb) harddrive for music and the occasional movie, gps, and am/fm radio, all running on Windows XP.

    I want to get away with spending as little money as possible because I don't need anything to be fancy at all, I just want it to work.
    So my plan was putting the computer in the glove box, with the usb stuff and keyboard and then having it connect to the EMS and touch screen from inside there. Would a mini pc like ( work in the glove box? And can someone recommend a PC for the glove box?
    Also, could someone tell me which power supply they think I should purchase?

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    check the faq section

    that pc would work, and requires a 19v power supply-- the mp3 car store has a couple that specifically say they can power a 19v load.. carnetix is the more popular one.

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