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Thread: need help with what components i need

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    need help with what components i need

    ok so ive started building my car pc and so far i have a micro itx case, zotac ion motherboard with atom 330 chipset and i have a mini 12v 120w dc-dc vehicle power supply (looks like the M3-ATX) and i will be getting 2gb of ddr2 ram and a ssd 60 gb HD.

    I have the A-U version with built in 12v PSU.. i realise i cant connect the 20pin M2-ATX and it requires 19v to be powered so what do i need to do? do i need to buy the carnetix regulator or can i do something else that can be held within the case?
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    yes, you will need to purchase a 19v compatible power supply. the carnetix series has become pretty popular, but recently, there are a couple other options available in the mp3car store as well.

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